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I truly appreciated the opportunity to interact with other managing partners throughout the region. Well done!

Amy M. Soisson, Esq.
The McCormack Firm, LLC - Boston, MA


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The MPF Leadership Academy

February 11-12, 2016  ♦  Miami, Florida


Thursday, February 11, 2016

8:30am         Registration and Breakfast

9:00am         Introductions, Expectations & Norms

9:30am         The New Leadership Imperative in Today's Law Firm
                     "The leader of the past knew how to tell...the leader of the future will know how
                     to ask." In this session, we will discuss the five traits that are critical for
                     sucessful law firm leaders, as well as the three largest impediments to
                     delivering the quality of leadership all law firms require today.
10:00am       Leadership in Professional Services Firms - An Academic's Prespective
Professor Laura Empson, Director of the Centre for Professional Service
                     Firms at the London Business School, shares in her video insights about
                     leadership in law firms gained from her in-depth research with three law firms.
10:30am       Coffee Break

11:00am       So How Healthy Do You Think Your Firm Is?
This session identifies the five dysfunctional traits of unhealthy law firms and
                     how they can manifest themselves.
11:30am       Coping with Complexity & Change
This session explores how leadership is required to deal with change and
                     management to deal with complexity and what are the differences in the
                     approaches of each to four critical questions: What are we setting up to do?
                     How do we deliver results? How do we make it happen? What are our desired

12:30pm       Luncheon

1:30pm         The Leader Within – Personality & Style
                     This session explores both your personality traits (Myers-Briggs Type
                      Indicator) and how your preferences from handling conflict (Thomas Kilmann
                      Instrument.) With an increased self-awareness, the session utilizes role
                      playing exercises to demonstrate how you handle such situations and can
                      utilize this awareness to provide positive leadership for your Firm.
3:00pm         Coffee Break
3:30pm         The Leader Within – Continued

4:00pm         Managing Polarities – Leadership in Action
This session explores the polarities in law firms that creates different
                      leadership challenges than those in corporations. We will not only explore the
                      types of polarities common to law firms but also work through examples from
                      four perspectives.

5:00pm          Networking Reception

Friday, February 12, 2016

8:30am         Breakfast

9:00am         Alternative Business Structures
                     A quick tour around the globe highlighting new competitors you have yet
                     to meet!

9:45am         Firm Case Study
Participants are broken into work groups and asked as leaders of the
                     "Firm" to identify and resolve the key issues facing the "Firm." Each group
                     reports back on the issues identifies, their proposed resolution and how they
                     would lead the "Firm" through it.

10:30am       Coffee Break

10:45am      Striking the Right Balance
                     Leadership vs. Management. Participants will explore the differences and the
                     most effective use of their time and will have an opportunity to explore their
                     own challenges and the things they might do differently.

11:30am       Reflection and Closing
                     Each participant shares the two or three most important things they are taking
                     away from the Academy, and how they leverage it in their leadership role
                     when they return to their firms.

12:00pm       Adjournment