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The MPF provides a rare opportunity for managing partners to gather and share insights and perspectives on ways to be more effective law firm leaders.

Stephen D. Susman, Esq.
Susman Godfrey LLP - Houston, TX


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Other Resources

  • ALA 2017 Compensation & Benefits Survey Reports 
    by Association of Legal Administrators

    For this year's Reports, ALA (Association of Legal Administrators) has collected data for 60+ different positions in 40+ metropolitan areas, including compensation information for law firm COOs, Executive Directors and other key positions, as well as key staffing ratios and associate billable hour expectations. Importantly, the Reports break down the data by firm size, region and a myriad of other factors. With 400+ pages of information, these Reports are essential tools to determine compensation and benefits for your firm's management staff. MPF readers get $100 off the purchase price. The promotional code is “MPF2017.”

  • ALA’s 2016 Compensation & Benefits Survey
    by Association of Legal Administrators

    Ever wonder how your firm compensates its non-lawyer administrative and support staff compared to other firms of your size and/or in your state or region? Look no further than The ALA’s 2016 Compensation & Benefits Survey, which is now available online for both members and non-members of the association. This comprehensive 380-page report covers just about every position imaginable, and will give you the data you need to know if you’re paying your people at, above or below market rates. It’s a great tool to help your firm put together its budgets for next year.

    For example, Marketing Directors in New York make $181,000, on average. IT Directors in Seattle make $137,000, on average. This is indispensable information as your firm assesses salaries for your current personnel and considers hiring new people in the coming year.