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The Managing Partner Forum is a rare opportunity to network with my peers from throughout Florida. I highly recommend it.

Gail A. McQuilkin, Esq.
Kozyak Tropin Throckmorton - Miami, FL


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  • ALA’s 2016 Compensation & Benefits Survey
    by Association of Legal Administrators

    Ever wonder how your firm compensates its non-lawyer administrative and support staff compared to other firms of your size and/or in your state or region? Look no further than The ALA’s 2016 Compensation & Benefits Survey, which is now available online for both members and non-members of the association. This comprehensive 380-page report covers just about every position imaginable, and will give you the data you need to know if you’re paying your people at, above or below market rates. It’s a great tool to help your firm put together its budgets for next year.

    For example, Marketing Directors in New York make $181,000, on average. IT Directors in Seattle make $137,000, on average. This is indispensable information as your firm assesses salaries for your current personnel and considers hiring new people in the coming year.