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The MPF brings together the leaders of Florida's top firms, together with experienced consultants, for a great exchange of ideas and information. It's an excellent resource.

José I. Astigarraga, Esq.
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Fall Symposium

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Thursday, October 3, 2019

9:30am         WELCOMING REMARKS 
                     What Smaller and Mid-Size Law Firms Can Do 

                     An introduction highlighting what the most current body of research is telling
                     us about young professionals and what they seek in their jobs and careers.
                     We’ll present recent MPF survey results about what smaller and mid-size law
                     firms are doing to invest in their future talent.

                     Dr. Sharon Meit Abrahams, Legal Talent Expert
                     John Remsen, Jr., President and CEO, Managing Partner Forum

                     What Tomorrow’s Lawyers Really Want

                     Learning from those who are living it is the best way to identify what your firm
                     can do to attract and keep legal talent. This panel of young lawyers will share
                     what attracts them to firms (i.e. culture, hours) and what keeps them there
                     (i.e. pathways to partnership, flexibility).

                     Dr. Sharon Meit Abrahams (Moderator)
                     Francisco Ramos, Jr., Esq., Administrative Partner, Clarke Silverglate
                     Others to be announced

11:00am        Coffee Break

                     Finding the Right Talent, Then Attracting It to Your Firm

                     During this interactive session you will hear from recruiting experts and learn
                     from each other the best practices for finding and recruiting top talent.
                     Through peer to peer discussion and the materials provided you will formulate
                     a framework for recruiting tomorrow's lawyers.  

  •  Guidance to determine who your firm needs
  •  How your firm culture effects recruitment
  •  How to sell your firm to top talent
  •  Where to find the right attorneys and support staff 
  •  Lateral hires
  •  Interviewing strategies, including assessments and behavioral interviewing  techniques
  •  The importance of cultural fit and compatibility

                      John Remsen, Jr.
                      Recruiting expert to be announced

                     During our networking lunch you will learn about tools and resources that are
                     available to help you create a system in your firm that supports recruiting
                     and retention efforts.             
                     Adam Stein, Vice President-Marketing, Micron Systems
                     Frank Stampone, Director, Practising Law Institute

                     Build It and They Will Come, Stay and Prosper

                     Once you have the talent the key is to retain them and support their career
                     path. In this session you will learn about the initiatives your firm can
                     implement that increase engagement and career satisfaction which effects
                     their longevity. You will leave with a plan that outlines the activities you can
                     implement at your firm. 

  •  Discuss the impact development programs have on retention
  •  Identify the wide array of development programs a firm can offer (Substantive  skills, Leadership,  Business Development, Mentoring)
  •  Give examples of how to build programs around topics
  •  Introduce the idea of effective evaluation and feedback systems
  •  Workshop style with worksheets that they complete and walk out with a plan  to create a development program for their firm

                       Dr. Sharon Meit Abrahams
                       Marlon Lutfiyya, JD, Director of Talent & Diversity, Neal Gerber
2:30pm         Coffee Break                   

                     Building Firm Culture to Make It Happen

                     The final discussion of the day will be managing partners sharing with
                     managing partners about what they have seen work for their firms. They
                     will explain how they got their partners on board and what the results have
                     been related to attracting and retaining their top talent. 

  •  Discuss how this generation thrives on Transparency
  •  Comment on policies for work-life balance
  •  Does the firm care about a diverse work environment?
  •  ABA Wellness Initiative

                     John Remsen, Jr. (Moderator)
                     Robert J. Kopka, Esq., Managing Partner, Kopka Pinkus Dolin PC 
                     Donna J. Markus, Chief Operating Officer, Kopka Pinkus Dolin PC
                     Others to be announced

3:30pm         Networking Reception