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The exchange of ideas and valuable information was impressively solid throughout the day. I appreciate the opportunity to be included.

Howard Levine, Esq.
Miller & Martin LLP - Chattanooga, TN

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Thursday, October 1, 2020

Lessons Learned in 2020
What’s Worked. What Hasn’t. Where Do We Go from Here? 

We begin with a fast-paced overview of what we’ve been learning since March through our MPF Webinar Series and dozens of conference calls with law firm leaders around the country. We’ll look beyond the hoped-for return to normalcy and address some of the “big picture” issues for law firm success in 2021 and beyond. Importantly, we’ll reveal important bench-marking data to kick off the Conference.

  • Successfully Adapting to Crisis
  • Technology and Maintaining Productivity
  • Firm Culture and Internal Communication 
  • An Acceleration of Long-Term Trends
  • Results of Six-Question Registrant Survey

John Remsen, Jr. - President and CEO, The Managing Partner Forum
Uri Gutfreund - National Law Firm Practice Leader, Risk Strategies


Marketing/Business Development: I’m Still Here! 
Getting Found, and Getting Chosen 

Marketing and business development are a challenge in ordinary times; how much more so as you and your clients individually find their way “back to normal.” Our panel will display some of the fresher marketing tools and how to use them to your firm’s best advantage.

  • Marketing to the Choir: Keeping Your Current Clients Engaged
  • Cultivating New Opportunities Through Newfangled Tools: Webinars and Social Media 
  • Reconfiguring your Marketing Department: Who Should Do What, and How Much?
  • Social Responsibility: Making a Statement with Doing Good

John Remsen, Jr. (Moderator)
Terry M. Isner - CEO/Owner, Jaffe
John Harrity, Esq. - Managing Partner, Harrity & Harrity, LLP


Technology: What’s That Gizmo For?
Technology has been the buzz for a few decades now, but it could not be more important than in the age of remote workers. Our guest speakers will walk us through the best uses of your technology spend, and how to still be productive in this environment. 

  • How Much Your Law Firm Should be Investing in Technology
  • Engaging the Best Tech for Home: Working Lawyers and Support Staff
  • Making it All Work Together: Integrating Technology 
  • Training Remotely and Working Collaboratively

Uri Gutfreund (Moderator)
Irene Sinayskaya, Esq. - Managing Partner, Sinayskaya Univer PC
Morris Tabush - Founder and President, Tabush Group
Christopher T. Wilson, Esq. - Partner, Taylor English Duma LLP


Finance: Making the Dollars Work for You
Profit isn’t the only thing, but it’s central to your management practices. Experts in law firm finance will make real and usable the factors on your balance sheet, and teach new approaches to shaping the “results” line.

  • Choosing the Path: Which KPIs and Profit-Drivers Come First?
  • Making Recovery Work: PPP Loan Update
  • Balancing Needs: Year End Collections, When the Year in Question is 2020
  • Exploring Next Year: 2021 Financial Goals and Realities

Uri Gutfreund (Moderator)
Stephen L. Mabey - Managing Director, Applied Strategies, Inc.
William E. Sansone, CPA - Partner, Withum


Dealing with Toxic Personalities: Your Reputation as a Leader is On the Line
From hygiene to hijinks, from poor performance to bad behavior, you need to do deal with your difficult attorneys. As a firm leader, it is your fiscal responsibility. Our human resources expert will discuss the most complicated problems, and some solutions.

  • Chronic Underperformance
  • Bad Behavior
  • The Intervention
  • Keeper of the Culture

John Remsen, Jr. (Moderator)
Dr. Sharon Meit Abrahams - President, Legal Talent Advisors
Don Smith - Chief Talent and Inclusion Officer, Crowell & Moring LLP


Leading Your Firm Into the Future
Gerry Riskin will join John and Uri as we wrap up; we will tie together the day’s big lessons, and help set course for the year ahead.

  • Leadership and Strategic Priorities
  • Time to Pivot Forward
  • Strategic Planning for 2021: Pick Three Goals and Make Them So
  • Firm Culture, Internal Communication
  • Watch Out for the ALSPs, AFAs
  • Stay Calm and Steer

John Remsen, Jr.
Uri Gutfreund

Gerry Riskin - Founding Principal and Chairman, Edge International