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Our new managing partner, Wynn Shuford, attended your conference last month and has raved about it ever since. Thanks for your continued great work in the area of law firm leadership.

Adam K. Peck, Esq.
Lightfoot Franklin White LLC - Birmingham, AL


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The Managing Partner Forum presents a series of Webinars on topics important to law firm leaders. These fast-paced, interactive sessions feature a panel of experts and are moderated by John Remsen, Jr.




What Every Managing Partner Needs to Know
About Law Firm Networks and Affiliations

How to Find the Right One and Get the Most from Your Firm’s Participation
Original Broadcast: March 15, 2017

According to recent MPF surveys, 40% of smaller and mid-size law firms belong to a law firm network of some kind. Through membership in the network, firms can provide clients global legal representation, learn best practices from like firms and generate in-bound referrals from other member firms.

Over the past 20 years, we’ve seen the creation of many law firm networks, affiliations, associations and consortiums. Today, there are more than 170 such organizations, with more on the way. Like most organizations, the key is to find the right one and, once you do, get actively involved.

In this fast-paced, interactive session, our panel discussed these and other topics:

  •  Is a Network Right for Your Firm?
  •  How to Find the Right One
  •  How to Generate the Most Value from Your Firm’s Participation
  •  Getting the Right Lawyers Involved
  •  Handling Origination Credit for Inbound Referrals


John Remsen, Jr. (Moderator)
President and CEO – Managing Partner Forum – Atlanta, GA

Chris Cervellera
Executive Director – TAGLaw – St. Petersburg, FL

John M. Husband, Esq.
Vice Chairman – TerraLex – Miami, FL
Chair Emeritus – Holland & Hart LLP – Denver, CO

Tanna Moore
President & CEO – Meritas – Minneapolis, MN

Click here for recording of Webinar.

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What Every Managing Partner Needs to Know
About Law Firm Marketing and Business Development
Original Broadcast: December 14, 2016

According to recent MPF surveys, marketing and business development are top of mind among managing partners of smaller and mid-size law firms. More and more firms are hiring in-house marketing professionals, increasing their marketing and business development budgets and shifting resources toward business development, including sales training for lawyers, young and old.

So it follows that our first MPF Webinar was a panel discussion with three legends in law firm marketing, including two presidents of the Legal Marketing Association (LMA). This Webinar was originally broadcast on December 14, 2017, with more than 100 managing partners and firm leaders participating.

In this fast-paced, one-hour Webinar our panel discussed these and other topics:

  •  Why Industry Focus is the Way to Go
  •  The Case for Individual Marketing Plans
  •  Sales Training for Lawyers and Staff
  •  The MPs Role in client Development
  •  What’s Not on Most MP’s Radar Screens that Should Be


John Remsen, Jr. (Moderator)
President & CEO – Managing Partner Forum – Atlanta, GA

James Durham
Managing Director – GrowthPlay – Boston, MA

Adam Severson
Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer – Baker Donelson – Nashville, TN

Jill Weber
Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer – Stinson Leonard Street – Minneapolis, MN

Click here for recording of Webinar.

Click here for handout materials.


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