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Thank you for allowing me to participate. Your team is masterful at making all feel valued at your event and I dare say helping attendees see the value in attending.

Gerry Riskin
Edge International - Anguilla, BWI

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Our goal is to provide law firm leaders great resources, so we feature only the very best articles, white papers, newsletters, books and other information based on input from the MPF Advisory Board, faculty and previous participants. In addition, we closely monitor these and other publications and information sources:

  • ABA Journal
  • Accounting and Financial Planning for Law Firms
  • Altman Weil Direct
  • Compensation & Benefits for Law Offices
  • Law Firm Partnership and Benefits Report
  • Law Office Management & Administration Report
  • Law Practice Today
  • Newswire
  • Lawyers Weekly
  • Legal Management
  • Legal Tech
  • Managing Partner
  • Marketing the Law Firm
  • National Law Journal
  • Of Counsel
  • Partner's Report
  • Strategies: The Journal of Law Firm Marketing
  • The American Lawyer

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