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The MPF is unique among law firm conferences because it features relaxed, informal discussions among managing partners from other large firms.

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Other Resources

  • ALA's 2020 Compensation and Benefits Survey  
    by Association of Legal Administrators

    ALA’s 2020 Compensation and Benefits Survey is now available for our readers at ALA-member pricing! Compiled from the responses of nearly 900 law firms, the report features over 400 pages of salaries for 80 law firm positions, with current data and information on compensation and benefits. Importantly, the data is broken down by region, state and metro area, making it even easier to compare your firm to its closest competitors.

    Firms with 100 or more attorneys are also encouraged to check out the 2020 Large Firm Key Staff Survey Report, which contains data for director-level and C-suite positions in larger law firms. Many firm leaders we know consider these surveys invaluable tools in determining compensation for new and existing positions in their firms.

    Still unsure? Click here to see the Executive Summary of the 2020 report, and click here to see a sample of the 2019 Report to help make your decision. As mentioned above, readers of The MPF Weekly get the ALA member discount, and there is an additional discount if your firm participated in the survey. Thank you, ALA!

    Participants who purchase the report will have unlimited access to an online dashboard to run customized reports bench-marking your firm's data against the competition by any parameter you choose.

  • 2018 Salary Guide for Legal Professionals 
    by Special Counsel

    This brief report provides national data for 35 positions – both lawyers and support staff – broken down by firm size. Its data is based on survey results from over 5,000 respondents in 38 cities. It also provides four industry insights. Here are few interesting nuggets:

    • The average total compensation for law firm COOs is $167,075
    • The average Non-Equity Partner made $266,640 in 2018
    • Average scores on the multi-state bar exam dropped to the lowest level since the exam was first administered in 1972
    How well is your firm paying its people when compared to these national averages?

  • 2018 Salary Guide for Legal Professionals
    by Robert Half

    This 30-page report includes salary ranges for nearly 50 different positions, then a variance chart to adjust the salaries to your city. The data is based on actual placements made by Robert Half in both the US and Canada. The report also includes hiring trends for legal professionals and in-demand practice  areas. Here are a few highlights:

    • More US law firms are using personality assessments to help reduce turnover rates for both lawyers and support staff
    • Demand is growing for tech-savvy support staff, with the hybrid paralegal/legal assistant role becoming more commonplace
    • Litigation, real estate, compliance and health care are among the high-growth practice areas for US law firms.
    This report includes some data and we think it’s presented very well.

  • ALA’s 2018 Compensation & Benefits Survey Reports
    by Association of Legal Administrators

    This year, ALA has collected data for more than 60 different positions from more than 1,000 law office locations in 50 states. As an example, click here to see excerpts from the 2017 report, including compensation for law firm COOs and Executive Directors, key staffing ratios, and associate billable hour expectations. Importantly, you'll note that data is broken down by firm size, region and other factors.

    • The ALA Survey is the most comprehensive tool for determining compensation and benefits for legal management staff for firms of all types, sizes and locations.
    • The report includes critical bench-marking data for associate attorneys, as well as legal management staff positions. This year, they've also added questions about succession planning and partner capital contributions.
    • ALA is offering substantial discounts to readers of The MPF Weekly. Use the promotional code “MPF2018" when you place your order.
    With 400+ pages of information, these Reports are essential tools to determine compensation and benefits for your firm's management staff. We highly recommend them.

  • ALA 2017 Compensation & Benefits Survey Reports 
    by Association of Legal Administrators

    For this year's Reports, ALA (Association of Legal Administrators) has collected data for 60+ different positions in 40+ metropolitan areas, including compensation information for law firm COOs, Executive Directors and other key positions, as well as key staffing ratios and associate billable hour expectations. Importantly, the Reports break down the data by firm size, region and a myriad of other factors. With 400+ pages of information, these Reports are essential tools to determine compensation and benefits for your firm's management staff. MPF readers get $100 off the purchase price. The promotional code is “MPF2017.”

  • ALA’s 2016 Compensation & Benefits Survey
    by Association of Legal Administrators

    Ever wonder how your firm compensates its non-lawyer administrative and support staff compared to other firms of your size and/or in your state or region? Look no further than The ALA’s 2016 Compensation & Benefits Survey, which is now available online for both members and non-members of the association. This comprehensive 380-page report covers just about every position imaginable, and will give you the data you need to know if you’re paying your people at, above or below market rates. It’s a great tool to help your firm put together its budgets for next year.

    For example, Marketing Directors in New York make $181,000, on average. IT Directors in Seattle make $137,000, on average. This is indispensable information as your firm assesses salaries for your current personnel and considers hiring new people in the coming year.