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The successful managing partner develops a clear sense of strategic direction, so that on most days most partners are marching in the same direction. How one does this is what the Forum is all about.

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Generally, clients hire lawyers, not law firms.  And they hire lawyers they know, like and trust. That means lawyers have to get out of their offices to build and cultivate relationships with individuals in a position to hire and/or refer them if they want to develop a book of business.

Exiting clients are the best place to start. They represent the "low-hanging" fruit, as they say. Client site visits, client appreciation events and client seminars are great ways to get closer to them.

Prospective clients are considerably more elusive, and it takes 5-7 times more time, effort and energy to reel in a new client than to keep the one you already have. Active participation in key associations, seminars, newsletters and social networks are effective tools to consider. It takes time, focus and persistence to be successful.

This section includes some great articles and resources on marketing and business development at the firm, practice group and individual attorney levels.



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