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It was indeed a very well run and informative conference. I especially enjoyed meeting the participants and other faculty and learning from them. Thank you, John, for giving me the opportunity to participate.

Ida Abbott
Ida Abbott Consulting - Oakland, California


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  • Managing Partner Summit: Business Development 2021  
    The Client Speaks: How We hire Outside Counsel

    by Managing Partner Roundtable with Uri Gutfreund and John Remsen, Jr.

    A Webinar Originally Broadcast on May 12, 2021

    A virtual conference for leaders of smaller and midsize law firms in New York and New Jersey. The entire program ran for three hours, with more than 50 managing partners and firm leaders participating. This is the on-demand recording of a 30-minute panel discussion we co-moderated with Uri at the end of the Summit featuring two in-house counsel and a corporate CEO. Among other things, we talked about how clients go about hiring and evaluating outside counsel. Here are my take-aways:

    • Generally, clients hire lawyers not law firms.
    • When seeking a new lawyer, clients first turn to friends and colleagues with whom they have pre-existing relationships for recommendations. They use the internet to cross-check and further research.
    • Rankings and directory listings do not impress sophisticated consumers of legal services.
    This was a lively and insightful panel discussion with great advice for leaders of smaller and midsize law firms.

    Click here to hear the Webinar
    Click here for Handout Materials

  • Motivating Young Lawyers to Market  
    by A Webinar presented by Legal Marketing Association,
    Association of Legal Administrators, and Managing Partner Forum

    Motivating young lawyers to develop and maintain effective marketing and business development efforts proves challenging for many law firms. The skill sets are not taught in law school and the time involved is non-billable; yet business development skills and a book of business have become increasingly important to a successful and satisfying legal career. Listen in on this 60-minute webinar to learn the perspectives of our panel, which consisted of a managing partner, a firm administrator and two in-house marketing directors. They share what's working for them and their law firms.

    Click here for Handout Materials.

  • Today’s Best Practices
    in Law Firm Marketing and Business Development 

    by John Remsen, Jr.

    Despite the advent of social media and the Internet, we maintain that law remains a “people business.” By that, we mean that clients hire lawyers, not law firms. There are exceptions, of course, but generally we maintain that clients hire lawyers, and that they hire (and refer) lawyers they know, they like, and they trust. For lawyers and law firms, that means building and cultivating relationships and reputation among persons in a position to hire a lawyer with your interest and skills set. It means breaking bread and active participation in target-rich organizations, and that social media plays a supporting role. It’s not rocket science. You just have to get out there and do it. In the session, we discuss:

    • Best Strategies to Keep Current Clients,
    • Best Strategies to Attract New Clients, and
    • The Seismic Shift in How Law Firms are Reallocating their Marketing Resources.
    In this fast-paced session, we share our thoughts on best practices. And we’ve been in the law firm business for more than 25 years.

    Click here for Handout Materials.

  • Marketing and Business Development:
    The Managing Partner’s Perspective 

    by Legal Marketing Association, in affiliation with The Managing Partner Forum

    According to recent MPF surveys, marketing and business development are top of mind among managing partners of smaller and mid-size law firms. More and more firms are hiring in-house marketing professionals, increasing their marketing and business development budgets, and shifting resources toward business development, including sales training for lawyers young and old.

    In this fast-paced webinar we presented for the Legal Marketing Association, we discussed with three managing partners their insights and perspectives on law marketing and business development. We’d like to extend a very special thanks to our panel:

    James A. Dressman, III, Esq.
    Managing Partner, Dressman Benzinger LaVelle

    Francis H. Sheppard, Esq.
    Managing Partner; Rumberger, Kirk & Caldwell

    Raymond J. Werner, Esq.
    Past Managing Partner, Arnstein & Lehr

    Click here for the Webinar.
    Click here for Handout Materials.

  • Listings, Ranking and Directories:
    How to Make Sense of It All and Achieve Maximum Return on Objective

    by John Remsen, Jr.

    The number of law firm rankings and directories has exploded in recent years to more than 1,100 according to Jaffe. Which ones are best for your firm? What policies (if any) are in place to ensure that your firm is achieving maximum ROO when it comes to its investment of time and money in rankings and directory listings? We recently presented a session for the Legal Marketing Association during which this topic was discussed among some folks in the know. Our panel included:

    Vivian Hood
    President-Public Relations, Jaffe

    Arielle Lapiano
    Director of Public Relations, Paul Hastings

    Laura Mills
    Editor, Chambers USA

    Elizabeth Petit
    Managing Editor & Director of Research & Development, Best Lawyers

    Many answers to the questions above can be found in the handout materials we prepared for this interesting and provocative program. Also, check out Jaffe’s website for some great guidance.

    by Tom Kane, Kane Consulting

    Tom’s blog is consistently ranked as one of the leading blogs by many about law firm marketing, so there’s a reason why it ranks at the top of list when one does a Google search on the topic. It’s packed full of great guidance and the latest information about law firm marketing and business development. He started the blog in 2005 and updates it about once a week. These days, Tom spends the majority of his time providing one-on-one business development coaching (by telephone throughout the U.S. and overseas) with lawyers in all size law firms.  

  • How to Maximize Your Law Firm's Marketing ROI
    by John Remsen, Jr.

    Law firm marketing has come a long way in 25 years, and firms are starting to figure out what works and what doesn’t. In the early days, it was mostly about brochures, sponsorships and advertising. More recently, however, smart firms have shifted the way they allocate their marketing and business development resources. And the action is with business development.
    A few facts to consider:

    • Client hire lawyers, not law firms.
    • Clients hire and refer lawyers they know, like and trust.
    • For most commercial firms, 80% of next year’s business will come from current clients.
    • It takes 5-7 times more time and effort to generate a matter from a new client than from an existing client.
    As managing partner, how can you be sure if your firm’s investments of time, effort and money are really paying off?  Where should it be investing its precious marketing resources? The answers can be found in the handout materials we created for a speech we’ve presented quite a few times over the past year. It’s called “How to Maximize Your Law Firm’s Marketing ROI.”

  • Business Development Thought for the Day
    by Tom Arceneaux, Esq.

    My good friend Tom Arceneaux is the Partner-in-Charge of Business Development of Blanchard Walker, a 25-lawyer firm based in Shreveport, Louisiana. Every morning, he distributes a "Business Development Thought for the Day" and he's been doing it for over a year. It began as an internal newsletter to help motivate lawyers at his firm to get out and market. Others outside the firm learned about it and today, he has more than 500 lawyers on his distribution list. I've enjoyed reading his practical and inspirational advice, and Tom is kind enough to invite our readers to join his list. Tom's firm is a member of the Meritas network.
    Click here to subscribe.

  • LawMarketing Portal
    by Larry Bodine

    This is a helpful portal addressing all aspects of law firm marketing. Operated by Larry Bodine, an expert in law marketing, the portal includes news on events and resources, and hosts the LawMarketing Listserv. In the Law Marketing Blog, he regularly posts tips on marketing and client development.

  • Legal Marketing Association

    Founded in 1985 and with over 2,500 members, LMA is dedicated to serving the needs and maintaining the professional standards of those involved in marketing within the legal profession. 93% of the NLJ's top 250 firms are represented in the organization. Our CEO, John Remsen, Jr. has served on its national Board of Directors and was Executive Editor its monthly newsletter called Strategies: The Journal of Legal Marketing.

  • Law Marketing Bibliography
    by David M. Freedman

    This is a terrific Web site maintained by David Freedman, a public relations consultant based in Highland Park, IL. It accurately and objectively reviews over two dozen of the top books on marketing and business development for lawyers and law firm marketing professionals.