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The roundtable discussions with other managing partners in the MPIE sessions was exceptionally valuable.

David J. Klippert, Esq.
Warner Norcross & Judd - Midland, MI

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"The speakers offered great practical tips and real examples that I thought were very helpful in terms of how to actually implement the practices and recommendations discussed. Thank you for hosting a seminar about empowering women leaders in which the panel actually consisted of women (it continues to shock me how many of these type of programs continue to have panels consisting primarily of men!)."

Sarah S. Warren, Esq.
Bryant Miller Olive - Tallahassee, Florida

"Great discussion on leadership and issues women face in law firms."

Tania Freeman
Lewis Thomason - Nashville, Tennessee

"Female empowerment and support. Thank you for all the work and coordination it took to make this possible."

Simone Hughes, MBA
Gowling WLG - Toronto, Ontario

"Great fast-paced content. Thanks for your effort."

Megan C. Hymore, Esq.
Ulmer & Berne - Cincinnati, Ohio

"Great panelists. Great program."

Erika H. Arner, Esq.
Finnegan - Reston, Virginia

"It helped to know that I am not alone and that there are other like-minded women leaders out there."

Cristina Gonzalez, Esq.
Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson - New York, New York

"What I enjoyed the most were the speakers and the excellent material. Great job as always."

Sue Remley
Ellis & WInters - Raleigh, North Carolina

"I really enjoy your webinars – always so timely and relevant, and never dry. Keep up the great work!"

Jamie N. Vidovich
Sullivan Hill - San Diego, California

"Thank you so much for such a wonderful Conference. It was invaluable and I am already looking forward to next year."

Traci S. Lagasse, Esq.
Lagasse Branch Bell & Kinkead - San Diego, California

"Thank you. Great session today. As a managing partner, I appreciate the Forum and webinars (and the polls)!"

Lisa C. DeLessio, Esq.
Hudson Cook - Hanover, Maryland

"MPF is a great conference, with excellent interaction among peers."   

Ann H. Zucker, Esq.
Carmody Torrance Sandak & Hennessey LLP - Stamford, Connecticut

"As a first time attendee, I really enjoyed it!"

Michelle M. Symank, Esq.
Evans & Dixon, LLC - St. Louis, Missouri



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