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I'm really impressed with everything about The Managing Partner Forum. Very useful.

Jeffrey D. Featherstun, Esq.
Plews Shadley Racher & Braun LLP - Indianapolis, IN

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Thank you! Great session. Much appreciated, and I very much enjoyed it."

Sara E. O'Reilly
HMB Legal Counsel - Chicago, IL

"The topics and presenters were terrific -- fabulous closing by all."

Michael J. Maher, Esq.
Hecht Solberg - San Diego, CA

"I’ve been enjoying all of your programing over the last year. It has been phenomenal and we routinely look forward to tuning in. Very well done."  

Thomas A. Prewitt, Esq.
Graydon - Cincinnati, OH

"John, I just wanted to give you a compliment and let you know that you are absolutely killing it during these times. Thank you for your leadership. The power of this group is incredible. So privileged to be a part of it."

Charles B. Jimerson, Esq.
Jimerson Birr - Jacksonville, FL

"This Conference was just what I needed! It's comforting to know that firms are dealing with the same issues as our firm."

Philip D. Irwin, Esq.
Neal & Harwell - Nashville, TN

"Thank you so much for such a wonderful Conference. It was invaluable and I am already looking forward to next year."

Traci S. Lagasse, Esq.
Andrews Lagasse Branch & Bell - San Diego, CA

"I have attended the Managing Partner Forum twice. John and his group do great work and assemble a great conference. Each time I have attended, I have learned worthwhile information and met other Partners facing similar challenges. I will attend again in the future."

Douglas A. Thomas, Esq
Divorce Matters - Denver, CO

"I've attended John's Managing Partner Forum in Atlanta for the last two years. Each time It's been very worthwhile and I've been able to implement many of the ideas that we discussed at our firm. Well done!"

Mr. John A. Weir
McCarter Grespan - Kitchener, ON

"John Remsen is a true asset to any law firm's advisory team. His educational programs, online resources and consulting services provide a great return on investment. The profession is fortunate to have his expertise."

Jonathan D. Fleece, Esq.
Blalock Walters - Sarasota, FL

“John provides great insight into the issues that many law firms and managing partners are dealing with as the practice of law changes. The information he provides is comprehensive and thought-provoking. Invaluable information for the management and growth of lawyers and firms.”

Robert Luskin, Esq.
Goodman McGuffey LLP - Atlanta, GA

"Thank you. Great session today. As a managing partner, I appreciate the Forum and webinars (and the polls)!"

Lisa C. DeLessio, Esq.
Hudson Cook - Hanover, Maryland


"Great job! You’ve got a good handle on relevant issues."

Robert R. Fafinski, Jr., Esq.
Fafinski Mark & Johnson - Eden Prairie, Minnesota


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