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Investing in Law Firm Leadership 

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When people are asked what makes a great leader the same words are almost always mentioned. So if everybody knows how to be an effective leader, then why are companies spending billions on leadership, coaching, service and other trainings?

Two key insights may help us look at investments in leadership, sales and other training in a different and better light and help us not waste our budgets on training that does not change behavior and ultimately culture for the better.

Soft Skills Define Great Leadership

Most of the words used to describe great leaders, salespeople, etc. are not about technical skills. They are words like "encourages, "supports," and "good example." These words describe soft skills, not technical (or hard) skills.

It’s Not That Easy

If we all know what makes a good leader then why invest in leadership, sales or any other soft skills trainings? Just because we know it, does not mean we do it. Look at the example of losing weight.

Everyone knows how to lose weight (eats less calories than you consume or eat right and exercise) yet we have an obesity crisis. This is the same for soft skills. We have a "soft skills crisis." Soft skills like praising, listening, asking open questions and written preparation are "hard skills" to put into action and more importantly to make into habits (culture).

So the bottom line is:

Provide Leadership Training
If you want excellence in leadership, sales, service, etc. you have to spend money on training.

Focus on “Soft Skills”
When you invest in training make sure you find a provider that focuses on soft skills.

Anchor in Firm Culture
When you focus on soft skills make sure they "stick" by creating best practice habits (culture) with a phased approach to behavior training that delivers culture change. 

Make sure your training is purpose and culture-driven and not just about processes or technical skills. You will save your law firm money and get much better results. As you plan for 2018, make sure to budget time and money for soft skills training that continues to build a great culture at your company.  

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